After fourteen years of experience and with the feedback from thousands of satisfied women, who have reported their successes on a wide range of feminine issues, you may like to look at their testimonies on our ‘feedback’ page. While these testimonies may be ‘Anecdotal’ the results over the years are slowly but surely building into a history of 'Empirical evidence'.

While there is no 'scientific' evidence that wild yam creams can transdermally deliver the benefits of of their traditional herbal ingredients, there is simply no other explanation possible in light of the extensive results achieved.

Testimonies confirm our original understanding that Anna’s Wild Yam Cream was capable of more than just providing Oestrogenic benefits, it appears on the wide range of benefits that these women have experienced, that it may initiate the Natural healthy production of all of the Adrenal Cortex steroids.

The active ingredient of wild yam is Diosgenin, an Unsaponifiable Steroid, a lipid similar to cholesterol, it is our understanding based on the above experience that either Diosgenin may precede cholesterol, or that the enzyme Esterase recognises and catalyses the Diosgenins conversion to the to cholesterol through to Pregnenolone.

As can be verified in any scientific text on steroidal hormones, Pregnenolone initiates the complex multi pathways of the Adrenal Cortex Steroids, commonly referred to as the gender or reproductive steroids – however their physiological role is far greater than just our reproductive functions with a broad spectrum of health benefits.

When we speak of ‘a feminine balance’, we are suggesting that even if your endocrine system is not entirely healthy, there is a reasonable possibility that Anna’s Wild Yam Cream may help you produce a healthy level of ALL your adrenal cortex steroids NATURALLY at the right time and in the right quantity. (See introduction to the feedback page, and About Anna page).

If you study the diagrammatic chart of the Steroids below, you will recognise the better known hormones, including Progesterone, Testosterone and the three components of Oestrogen, you may be surprised with the number of supporting elements that are necessary to achieve a natural healthy steroid cascade.

When you view the chart it may be easier to understand if you could visualise your adrenal cortex, as your own highly complex onboard computerised production facility that produces the appropriate steroids on demand at anytime to meet your immediate and many emotional, physical and reproductive needs – a remarkable feat by any measure!

Steroid Hormones ... (click to view full size)

We are confident that if you follow the appropriate protocols as outlined in our “USER GUIDE’ page you may also enjoy the many benefits of Anna's Wild Yam Cream.

Men have exactly the same number of steroid needs as women, only in differing levels, while it may be challenging for a mere male to accept that a women’s steroid balancing cream may help them – It is possible! It works for me.

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